Frequently Asked Questions is an easy-to-use, searchable database of all registered businesses in Albuquerque. The primary purpose of is to increase local purchasing at all levels, from large buyers such as the City of Albuquerque to local residents. The portal will also support the City’s business recruitment efforts by connecting local suppliers to incoming companies. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about thrive!

  1. How does the site work?
    The website takes the entire listing of registered Albuquerque businesses and places the information into an easy-to-use, searchable database. The website will connect local Albuquerque businesses to customers, businesses to business, and business to vendors. The website is completely free for local businesses to participate.
  2. Why isn't a certain business listed?
    Only businesses with a city of Albuquerque business license will be on the website If your business is registered outside of Albuquerque, it will not show up on
  3. Why are out-of-state companies listed in
    Certain out-of-state firms do obtain a business license to operate in the city. Since these companies have a valid business registration in Albuquerque, they will show up on
  4. I have looked for businesses by categories and only see a few businesses listed. I know there are more. For example when I click the Music and Fine Art category, I only see a few businesses listed.
    The categories are available for businesses who create their profile on ThriveABQ and identify the categories they belong in. That is why you are only seeing a few businesses in the Fine Art category. However, if you type in "music" in the search bar, you will find more businesses that are associated to the search word "music".
  5. I tried to register my business, but it will not accept my business ID.
    First, check to make sure that your business registration is valid and has been in place for over one month (new businesses are added at the beginning of every month to the thrive!ABQ database). If you have a valid business registration, make sure that the ID you enter during the registration process is in the correct format: FA####### (where the #s represent your facility’s unique ID number).
  6. It seems like thriveABQ is competing with local business directories and publications. does not compete with local directories or publications. The services offered to businesses by are free to use and thus will not redirect money from existing directories and publications. is intended to enhance business’ marketing efforts by helping businesses connect with government buyers, local buyers and each other.
  7. I have registered on, does that mean I’m now a vendor for the City of Albuquerque?
    No, is an easy-to-use, searchable database of all registered businesses in Albuquerque. The site is designed to offer more exposure to Albuquerque businesses and to encourage local spending. If you are interested in becoming a vendor with the City of Albuquerque, please visit:

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